Renewable Energy

Clean energy as a the basis of sustainable future

A solar system is the best investment for your home, business and planet.

Sustainability is becoming an important issue in our daily lives. It covers all areas, including energy consumption.

The good news is that current technology already allows us to create solutions that save energy and nature. Our portfolio of services includes the supply of photovoltaic power plants for households, companies, charging stations for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. Everything for our better tomorrows.

Ilustrácia zelenej planéty a zelenej energie
Rodinný dom s fotovoltaickými panelmi

Photovoltaic systems for family houses

Photovoltaic systems and solar power solutions that reduce unnecessarily high bills for electricity consumption to a minimum.

We will professionally design of FVE that will be most efficient and the cheapest for you.

We will also help you with the providing of the Green Households II grant.

Photovoltaic systems for small and large companies

Photovoltaic systems and solar power plants are the most economically advantageous for small and large companies, offices, institutions, shopping centers.

During the day, when your business consumes the largest amount of electricity, with a properly designed FVE, it can eliminate the cost of electricity.

Solárny systém
Elektrické auto napojené na nabíjaciu stanicu

Charging stations for electric cars

Electro mobility is becoming more and more important in our lives.

Over time, home electric charging stations will become part of our homes or become a must-have for your business.

Battery storage

Storage of energy is one of the key points of the future of renewable energy.

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