A customer from Stupava approached us with the intention of installing photovoltaics on his family home. Since it is a multigenerational family house, it is inhabited by representatives of both younger and older generations. Household consumption is thus continuous during the day, with a slight increase in the afternoon as other family members arrive. After analyzing the household consumption profile, we designed a customized PV system to cover the entire household consumption.


The project resulted in a 9.43 kWp photovoltaic installation provided by 23 panels on the roof, together with a 10 kW inverter . The size of the plant will cover the household’s energy requirements throughout the day precisely because of its orientation to two cardinal points. Energy is thus generated from early morning when the sun begins to shine on the panels until sunset. Generation in the afternoon will mainly provide part of the panels on the western roof of the customer’s house. The customer can thus generate up to 9.98 MWh of its own energy from the sun.

9,43 kWp