Many businesses are looking for ways to reduce their energy costs and address the volatile energy price situation. One promising solution is solar energy, which is not only a sustainable source of energy but is also becoming increasingly efficient. More and more we can see the blossoming of sustainable energy solutions on the roofs of Slovak companies!

Businesses have begun to realise the power of solar energy and the benefits of installing PV – to reduce carbon emissions or save significant amounts of money on energy bills.

Why be part of the photovoltaic generation?

Solar panels have undergone major technological advances, making them more efficient and affordable than ever before. The cost of solar energy has dropped by almost 90% in recent years, making it a financially viable investment for businesses of all sizes.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits that PV offers to businesses, how they can improve their position and be at a competitive advantage, or how to mitigate the high upfront investment with financial incentives. Whether you are a small or large business owner, photovoltaics pays off no matter what!

  • Enables businesses to save money

Every business tries to maximize its profit by reducing its operating costs. One of the biggest advantages of PV is that a business doesn’t have to buy as much power from the utility grid. In addition, if a company has surplus energy (everything it produces that it cannot consume), it can put it up for purchase.

  • Organic status

Photovoltaics bring not only economic benefits, but also ecological ones. The energy produced by a photovoltaic power plant is a clean and renewable form of energy that does not have a negative impact on the environment. If a business decides to install a PV system it can be an advantage among clients and the public who think sustainably.

  • Reliability and safety

The energy produced by the photovoltaic system is safe and fully automated in the event of a fault. Solar panels have a small number of components that can fail, so there is only a minimal chance of failure. This is especially important for businesses that need to be up and running around the clock and can’t afford downtime.

  • Use of financial incentives

State aid to support the production of own green energy is an important initiative to help businesses switch to renewable energy. The support of renewable energy sources for enterprises in the new Slovakia Programme foresees the reallocation of new EU funds in the Green Enterprise Project.

There is a great interest in the production of own energy in enterprises, which is related to the energy crisis and the certainty that the investment in own energy source will pay off in the future due to high energy prices.

Why invest in photovoltaics today?

The year 2022 was brutal. There has been talk everywhere about the energy crisis that photovoltaics can solve. Everything was in short supply and prices were skyrocketing (we remember when smartmeters were a scarce commodity and virtually impossible to get).

Nowadays, many companies have emerged who consider themselves specialists in the photovoltaic field, so it is important to make the right choice! Demand has returned to the level of two years ago. We are facing a period when it is most worthwhile to invest in photovoltaics. It is no longer worth waiting.