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Services and products for LV, HV

As part of these services, we provide the supply of technologies and services for voltage levels, whether it is a very high or low voltage (VVN, VN, NN). We provide deployment and also commissioning. Last but not least, we supply all elements and provide project documentation.

These services are ideal for owners and operators of power equipment of power stations, especially if they do not have their own service of these equipment.

Ilustrácia zelenej planéty a zelenej energie
Nástroje na elektroinštalačné práce

Electroinstallation works

  • connection of various electrical appliances, sockets, switches, electric drives
  • repairing and maintenance of electrical wiring
  • installation of electrical installations for houses, apartments and industrial buildings
  • complete connection of switchboards
  • replacement of circuit breakers and fuses
  • replacement of electrical wiring in the apartment, family house, cottage, cottages
  • assembly of cable routes and supporting cable systems
  • installation of structured cabling, LV and MV cabling

Maintenance and controlment of equipment and network status

  • network and device security verification
  • inspection and maintenance of the functionality of electrical network elements
  • documentation of electrical equipment corresponding to the actual condition
  • correct marking of electrical network equipment
Elektrikár kontoluje elektrický rozvádzač
Projektový manažér prechádza papiere

Project management

Within project management, we apply a specific approach, which is based on several international standards and lots of experience.

Production of switchboards

We manufacture electrical switchboards made-to-measure according to the exact specification of the customer and according to the supplied documentation.

We consult all the confusedness and identified deficiencies immediately with the customer before the delivery of the switchboard itself, which shortens the delivery time and we try to solve the confusedness preventively in order to bring added value to the customers.

Elektrický rozvádzač na mieru
Elektrická skúšačka a dokumentácia

Electrical project engineering

  • realization documentation
  • documentation of the issue in fact
  • customer solutions
  • design in EPLAN
  • the coordination of projects and construction

Purchase and logistics of electrical installation materials

  • sales and delivery of electrical installation material
  • assurance of the transport and discharging of the material at the place of delivery
  • delivery of all necessary forms - CE certificates, manuals, CERTIFICATES, ...
Sklad elektrikárskych a iných materiálov
Inteligentný termostat na stene

Installation of smart electrical systems

We specialize in smart home application products working with the Z-Wave wireless protocol and a designated control unit. That is why we can turn an existing household and of course a new one, just emerging, into a modern smart home.

Of course, we can also offer a smart home solution using the Zigbee and Wifi wireless protocols, while these solutions do not lag behind the Z-Wave system.

Transformer stations

  • site inspections
  • consultations on HV
  • preparation and submission of individual applications
  • project development
  • communication with distribution companies
  • delivery and installation of the transformer stations
  • realisations of HV/LV connections
  • necessary tests and decisions
Veľkokapacitná transformačná stanica
Revízny technik kontroluje elektrické zariadenie

Professional examinations and inspections

Our company provides and performs comprehensive services of professional inspections and professional tests (revisions) of reserved technical electrical equipment and revisions of work tools.

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